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Phoenix Diocese 40 Year History Book


The Archives of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix serves as the final repository for the Diocese’s historical records. The mission of the archives is to collect, maintain, and preserve records of enduring value which pertain to the Roman Catholic Church in Central and Northwest Arizona. We serve diocesan officials, its offices and agencies, the Catholic community, historians, and researchers.

The Archives Office is erected in accordance with Canon 482, which charges the Chancellor with the responsibility for the archives.

The Archives Office is open by appointment only with the archivist. An appointment is necessary to ensure that someone is available to assist you.

The Archivist or staff reserves the right not to duplicate material that may be damaged by photocopying. Duplication of material does not constitute permission to publish. United States copyright laws apply to all duplicated material.

Records Management

It is the policy of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Phoenix to identify, properly arrange, maintain, and safeguard records which are required for the conduct of both it spiritual and temporal affairs. As such, the Diocese has established a Records Retention Schedule to ensure legal compliance for specific categories of records and preserve intellectual property, while at the same time improving cost management.

Please read the Diocese's records management policy and procedures located under Policies and Procedures. Book 1. General Norms, Archives.

Sacramental Records

There are no sacramental records kept in the Archives Office, all Sacramental Records are kept at the parish where the sacrament took place. Records for closed or merged parishes are maintained by the territorial parish that canonically assumes parochial responsibility.

Sacramental Records Policy and Procedures
The Sacramental Records Policy and Procedures establishes a uniform protocol for the creation, maintenance, storage and preservation of permanent records pertaining to the sacramental life of the faithful of the Diocese of Phoenix. The sacrament (whether Confirmation, First Eucharist, Marriage or Holy Orders) is recorded in the register at the church in which the sacrament is celebrated.

Our Sacramental Records Policy and Procedures is available in English and Spanish

Baptismal Record Requests
Sacramental record requests must be made through the parish at which the sacrament was administered. 

If you do not know the name of the parish where you received the Sacrament of Baptism, but have done your due diligence in trying to locate the record, we can assist you in locating this record. Please complete the Baptismal Record Request Form and provide as much detail as possible.

You must include proof of identity (photo ID) along with the completed Baptismal Record Request Form.

The diocesan archives are NOT open to those engaged in genealogical or family history studies.

We do not buy, sell, or value artifacts.