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Deacon James Trant

Director of the Diaconate

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Deacon Doug Bogart

Associate Director of Education and Formation

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Argelia Cortez

Office Manager

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Carmen Lomeli

Administrative Assistant 1/Formation and Continuing Education

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In the first generation of the Church, the Holy Spirit led the Apostles to select seven men as “deacons to assist the bishops, and to assume responsibility for the more secular and temporal duties of the Church.

John Paul II, in his address to permanent deacons in Detroit in 1987, captured the heart and spirit of the renewed permanent diaconate as it was intended by Vatican II when he stated, “Yours is not just one ministry among others, but it is truly meant to be a ‘driving force’ for the Church’s diakonia. By your ordination you are configured to Christ in His servant role. You are also meant to be living signs of the servanthood of the church.”

In the years since the United States Catholic Conference of Catholic Bishops received permission to implement the permanent diaconate, thousands of men across the United States, including many from the Diocese of Phoenix came forward and have been ordained into the order that is a symbol of the Church’s call to holiness and devotion to service.

The Church continues to grow under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Likewise the work of the deacon has evolved in to three major areas: liturgical, doctrinal, and charitable.

Today, in regard to the liturgical role, the deacon proclaims the Gospel, directs the prayers of the faithful, assists the celebrant at the altar and distributes Holy Communion.

In regard to the doctrinal role, teaching duties for deacons include giving instruction for initiation into the Christian community.

In regard to charity, the deacon's work consists of identifying the needs of the community and brings assistance to those in need and want.