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Vicar of Stewardship

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Executive Assistant

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Carrie Aranda

Director of Parish Engagement

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Welcome to the Diocese of Phoenix's Office of Stewardship Website!

It is our hope to provide the tools and techniques, from our diocese and beyond, that will infuse stewardship in our parish communities. This website offers a means of communicating the message of stewardship along with resources and suggestions for you to consider when implementing stewardship in your parish, your school, your workplace, and your family.

The message of stewardship has been part of the salvation history of the Church. From the Old Testament, we learn that Adam and Eve were asked to tend and care for the gifts of creation. From the New Testament, St. Andrew brings the little boy and his simple gifts of two fish and five barley loaves and places those gifts in the hands of Jesus resulting in a wonderful experience of God's abundance in the feeding of the 5,000.

Today, thanks to the pastoral letter, Stewardship: A Disciple's Response (1992), we have a template on how to live stewardship as a way of life by receiving God’s gifts gratefully, cultivating those gifts responsibly, sharing them lovingly with justice, so that we may return those gifts with increase to God.

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We are never too young or too old, to poor or too affluent, too busy or too incapacitated to live stewardship.

We invite you to navigate through our website. Use whatever you feel will help you bring stewardship into your life. Do not hesitate to contact any of us to assist you with questions and answers, consultation, or presentations. We are here to serve.

Stay generous my friends!

Fr. Gregory Schlarb
Vicar of Stewardship

Stewardship Renewal

Bringing the message of stewardship to your parish.

Children's Stewardship

Teaching children the joys of Stewardship.

Charity & Development Appeal

Information on the Charity and Development Appeal.

Research & Planning

Assisting pastoral planning at the diocese, parishes & schools.